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Law Enforcement Officers, Crime Scene Investigators & Forensic Specialists

IAFSM members will have the opportunity to view and learn about the latest technologies for acquiring and analyzing dimensional data in an event or crime scene. In the spirit of saving lives and protecting citizens, IAFSM will provide training for developing the requisite skills in the correct application of these technologies. Increasing accuracy and reducing time and potential errors through the use of new technologies, IAFSM will bring industry leaders together to share their knowledge and expertise with members through lectures, classes, and association with like-minded professionals at the annual IAFSM/SPAR Conference.

Various levels of training courses will be made available to members – both those who document and measure utilizing conventional 2D and 3D surveying methods, and those using advanced techniques including 3D laser scanners, GPS, satellite imagery, photogrammetry, aerial LiDAR and mobile ground-based LiDAR to gather 3D spatial data. From time to time, based on members' input, courses will also be offered on various software applications such as AutoSketch, AutoCAD, 3D Studio MAX, MAYA and other tools for creating to-scale scenes. Advanced courses can be made available for reverse-engineering 3D trajectories through victims' bodies and crime scenes, for example to produce bullet-trajectory and lines-of-sight analyses.

All members receive the IAFSM quarterly newsletter. This newsletter will help IAFSM members stay on top of the latest developments in forensic and security metrology around the world, and will give members a venue to publish articles on current events, their usage of new technologies and their results.

An international users' group will be available for sharing techniques and ideas. IAFSM will enable users to gain direct access to major hardware and software developers to share their requirements and help influence future development.


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