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Specialized Investigators – anthropology, fire, blood spatter, ballistics, acoustics, others

Specialized investigators – anthropology, fire, blood spatter, ballistics, acoustics and others – will learn about the latest tools, techniques and software, and when to employ them in their investigations in order to develop the highest-quality data input on which to base advanced analysis and conclusions. For example, IAFSM will enable fire investigators to learn about the latest 3D laser scanners and how they can help you carry out investigations more quickly, safely and accurately; reverse-engineering structures to determine air volumes, fuel mixtures and the like, utilizing 3D scanners and/or photogrammetry to acquire spatial data, and other applications will be covered. Other specialties will benefit from similar discipline-specific information.

All members receive the IAFSM quarterly newsletter. This newsletter will help IAFSM members stay on top of the latest developments in forensic and security metrology around the world, and will give members a venue to publish articles on current events, their usage of new technologies and their results.

An international users' group will be available for sharing techniques and ideas. IAFSM will enable users to gain direct access to major hardware and software developers to share their requirements and help guide future development.


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